Our Staff

For COMMA, although we’re a small enterprise, we still put a great deal of focus and energy into helping our staff to better themselves. We take every staff member’s growth as our responsibility, and as Comma grows we will bring more and more members on board. That alone is one of the main driving forces behind our growth.



Coffee Farmers

“connecting farmers and consumers with the tastiest renewable energy in Laos”

We are keen on building a café+farms business model which will benefit both the private sector and coffee farmers. We are working on it, and we know there is a way forward!



Lao Coffee

Laos is a place that paused the life of Comma’s founder, and was also the inspiration for Comma Coffee. We take it as our responsibility to find a place in the international  market for Lao coffee. We aim to spread coffee knowledge and improve the quality of coffee by passing on knowledge to our coffee plantations and processing facilities.



Environmental Friendly

saola's first coffee

<Stay with us! Coming soon!>

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