Brewed Coffee is made by pouring hot water onto ground coffee beans, then allowing to brew.  Hand drip (Pour Over) is one way to make brewed coffee. Through hand-dripping, more coffee flavor could be left in the drink, so that customers may experience many layers of different flavors in one drink. Comparing to Italian espresso, hand drip may l better connect consumers with a single coffee bean from a specific coffee farm. More identity will be given to the coffee farm directly.



In Laos,  hand-drip is pretty new. Comma Coffee might not be the first to serve hand-drip, but we are keen to provide a variety of local single coffee to the public. Right now, in Comma you can find: Lao typica from Paksong, Huaphan Cartimor from Xamtai and especial Keoset Community coffee. Besides, specialty coffee from Ethiopia, Costa Rica, Indonesia and Yunan are also available for coffee lovers!


Hand-drip is more time-consuming when we brew it, it is with more sense of ceremony, it shows our respect to coffee drinks, to coffee seeds, cheeries, nature, coffee farmers, so we brew it with heart and love. Hope we could share coffee and coffee experience with you all through Hand-drip!

drip bag-comma





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