Keoset Community Coffee

It has been a privilege for Comma to connect coffee farmers with end consumers as we are able to both serve our customers premium coffee products as well as help farmers climb up the value chain. Keoset Community Coffee has finally made its way to the public under work of Lao Upland Rural Advisory Service by improving the quality and quantity of their coffee beans. Comma Coffee is quite honored to participate by providing cupping, coffee roasting and packaging services to this process. This delicious coffee will soon be available to consumers who like to drink something special.

After a thorough cupping session conducted by our in-house roaster with participation from LURAS representatives, we were able to deduct that Keoset coffee is at it’s best when roasted to medium.



We made the delicious Keoset Coffee into hand drip bags, which are much more convenient, especially when you are working on site or traveling. At the moment, LURAS (Lao Upland Rural Advisory Service) is helping Keoset to package both locally grown Lao coffee as well as high quality Italian beans. Here is an instructional video on how to make your own hand drip coffee at home or on the go:

And below are two videos that demonstrate the packaging process at Comma Coffee:

At last, a message sent out from our staff in Vientiane to the coffee farmers in Keoset. We are so proud of your work on site, and can not wait to hear more about your stories and experiences. We will definitely meet to  share and taste some Keoset and Comma Coffee together!


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