Our Locations

Comma Coffee I , located in Setthatirath Road, city center,  by the Mekong River, a complete cozy and relaxing place for tourists in Vientiane;


Comma 2Comma Coffee II, located in the base floor of Vientiane Center office building,  an engergy refill center for the office staff;


COMMA LABComma Coffee III, (COMMA LAB), located in the entrance to the city center, besides Fa Ngum Park, is our Comma Lab, where you could see the whole process of a coffee bean to your drink. Yes, it is a coffee experience center of great Lao coffee and of coffee farmers’ stroy.


Comma 4Comma Coffee IV,(COMMA READING) , located in the living area in town, is a co-work place with a big amount of book collections. Here is where you could find double happiness, COFFEE and BOOKS.



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